J A S O N  C A N D L E R



An ongoing new music diary (since 2009)

Solo (saxophones, clarinets, keyboards, drums, vocals, samplers)
or in collaboration with musicians from all over the world.
Mostly live improvisations in the studio or at a gig.

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Hungry March Band

The music of the streets!
12-20 piece brass band.
Saxophones, trumpets, trombones, sousaphone, drum line, and dancers.
A complete audio visual experience that can play in any venue,
with or without amplification.

Influenced by world brass traditions including New Orleans second line, Eastern European gypsy, French & Italian fanfare, Indian bollywood & bhangra, Jamaican rock-steady, Memphis Stax funk & soul, and New York rock & punk.

gary lucas

Gary Lucas' Gods and Monsters

Mind blowing guitarist / songwriter Gary Lucas' band for the last 20 years.
Current lineup features Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart, Jeff Buckley), Ernie Brooks (Modern Lovers), Billy Ficca (Television) & Jason Candler.

burke candler

Burke / Candler

Brendan Burke - drums, alto sax
Jason Candler - alto sax, alto & bass clarinets, samplers

A duo that performs in constant free fall.
Song structured improvistion & soundscapes.

Iron Falcon Style
add Sabir Mateen - tenor sax

Epistrophy Orchestra

Hot Jazz every first Sunday at the Epistrophy Cafe.
A revolving cast of characters with special guests!

Luca Fadda - cornet
Jason Candler - Bb soprano saxophone
Quince Marcum - drum, vocals
Wade Ripka - banjo
Nick Cudahy - contrabass
Ben Holtzman - washboard

earth people

Earth People

A free jazz collective led by drummer / percussionist Andre Martinez (former Cecil Taylor).  Compositions by Martinez, Jason Candler & guitarist Doug Principato.  Joined by a host of who's who in the current free music scene:  Francois Grillot, Mark Hennen, Sabir Mateen, Gunter Hampel, Elliott Levin, Karen Borca, and more.

Group size varies from 3 - 10.

"Improvisation is one of the oldest traditions in jazz, and when it's employed by those who seek to explode tradition, the results are exhilarating. This is the new new music, an up-to-date message from jazz avant garde; the music is alive and well, and Earth People is one of its strongest contributors." - Florence Wetzel (All About Jazz NY)

"This is New World music, a New Age free jazz fusion poetry funk gumbo whose geography is not only the planet but the soul." -Terrell Holmes (All About Jazz NY)



Jason Candler - alto clarinets, samplers, vocals
Quince Marcum - peck horn, percussion, electronics, vocals

A one-headed duet with twelve fingers and two mouths.

deth boat

Deth Boat

Neo-psychedelic lounge thrash on rye.
Insane 3-piece guitar bass drums combo that makes you ask how far.
The origins of Guarsh.


Seismic Sound Lab

If you were standing on the surface of Earth during an earthquake, you would hear a low rumble at the bottom of your ears’ limits of perception; the rest you would feel. Now imagine you are deep inside Earth, listening to the earthquakes popping and ringing around the surface.

A collaboration between sound designer Jason Candler & geophysicist Ben Holtzman.  A sound ring was constructed in October 2006 to play back the sounds of wave propagation within the earth.  The exhibit is in constant evolution as new versions are being developed for museums, schools, and public installations.

We present "Seismodome" at the Hayden Planetarium (Museum of Natrual History, NYC) about once a year, and are currently working on other large scale demonstrations around the globe.

in so many words ...

in so many words is an 18 ½ hour time capsule of news radio, composed entirely of unedited sound bites, devoid of any newscasters, commentators, editorials or analysts (and is commercial free!). It sequentially covers the time period of the 2008 Presidential Election, and the first hundred days of the Obama Presidency (May 12, 2008 to May 12, 2009). Described as "a cocktail for social awareness and self evaluation", the edited result unfolds a mind-opening non sequitur narrative that informs you about the city, country, and world we live in, the scope of news reporting, the connections seemingly different stories have with each other, and how you relate to this reality. The longer you listen, the more the puzzle pieces fall into place.


ese festival
Ese ... What if ... Festival

New York

Trumpeter Luca Fadda & Jason Candler started the annual Ese Festival in 2005 as a means to bring together artists who don't ordinarily perform together.  The project seems to be working, as new collaborations have been springing up in the few years since the inception.


Post Production Audio for Film & Television

20+ years of experience working on features, documentaries, shorts, animation, and more. Supervising sound editor; sound design, dialogue cleanup, FX building, Foley, ADR, music, FX field recording.

Adjunct Faculty at NYU Kanbar Institute of Film & TV (Tisch School of the Arts)

Jason Candler filmography

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Recording Studio Engineer

20+ years of experience as a recording and mastering engineer.
Comfortable in both analog and digital worlds.

Jason Candler studio discography

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