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Category Archives: Andre Martinez


Recorded live at Hot Wood Arts, Red Hook, Brooklyn May 29, 2016 Jason Candler – alto saxophone, digital shifters Cory Choy – piano, vocal Justin Frankel – guitar, bass Andre Martinez – drums Stereo (Reaper/Pro Tools) Justin’s site – Sterero (Pro Tools) High Plains Showdown Sterero (Pro Tools) Infinity

Tammy Cools Down

Recorded live at André’s house, Staten Island, NY April 21, 2012 Jason Candler – alto saxophone, fx Alan Madec – accordion, fx André Martinez – drums Recorded by Lucie Hardoin Binaural Stereo (Tascam DR100) Tammy Cools Down

Sabir 60

Recorded live at the 39th Street loft, Brooklyn. April 16, 2011 Sabir Mateen – tenor sax, vocals, birthday boy Brendan Burke – drums Jason Candler – alto sax, fx Dikko Faust – trombone Doug Principato – guitar, vocals, claps Andre Martinez – bongos Mono (722 / Pro Tools) Yaai