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Category Archives: Sandra Koponen

Firry Boughz’n

Recorded live at the Maid’s Room, New York City December 25, 2013 Jason Candler – bass clarinet, sleigh bells, mouthpiece, boughz’n Sandra Koponen – Hammond organ, music boxes, recorder, firry Stereo (Pro Tools)

Waves of Grass

Recorded at the Maid’s Room, NYC May 26, 2012 a Sandra Koponen composition: Sandra Koponen – alto saxophone, Kenyan percussion, Hammond organ, cabasa, flutes, toy keyboard, paper, shhh Jason Candler – alto saxophone, Kenyan percussion, cabasa, cymbal, sleigh bells Stereo (Pro Tools)

Ribaphone & Reeds

Recorded live at the Maid’s Room, NYC November 23, 2011 Jason Candler – alto clarinet,¬†alto saxophone, alto clarinet mouthpiece, fx boxen Sandra Koponen – Ribaphone, slide whistle Stereo¬†(Pro Tools)