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Category Archives: Sandra Koponen

Firry Boughz’n

Recorded live at the Maid’s Room, New York City December 25, 2013 Jason Candler – bass clarinet, sleigh bells, mouthpiece, boughz’n Sandra Koponen – Hammond organ, music boxes, recorder, firry Stereo (Pro Tools) Sterero (Pro Tools) Firry Boughz’n (part 1) Sterero (Pro Tools) Firry Boughz’n (part 2)

Waves of Grass

Recorded at the Maid’s Room, NYC May 26, 2012 a Sandra Koponen composition: Sandra Koponen – alto saxophone, Kenyan percussion, Hammond organ, cabasa, flutes, toy keyboard, paper, shhh Jason Candler – alto saxophone, Kenyan percussion, cabasa, cymbal, sleigh bells Stereo (Pro Tools) Waves of Grass Labyrinth

Ribaphone & Reeds

Recorded live at the Maid’s Room, NYC November 23, 2011 Jason Candler – alto clarinet, alto saxophone, alto clarinet mouthpiece, fx boxen Sandra Koponen – Ribaphone, slide whistle Stereo (Pro Tools) Fermata Stereo (Pro Tools) Rainy Day Wish Stereo (Pro Tools) Ribasaurus Stereo (Pro Tools) Suspended Belief