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in so many words

in so many words is an 18 ½ hour time capsule of news radio, composed entirely of unedited sound bites, devoid of any newscasters, commentators, editorials or analysts (and is commercial free!).    It sequentially covers the time period of the last Presidential Election, and the first hundred days of the Obama Presidency (May 12, 2008 to May 12, 2009).  Described as a cocktail for social awareness and self evaluation”, the edited result unfolds a mind-opening non sequitur narrative that informs you about the city, country, and world we live in, the scope of news reporting, the connections seemingly different stories have with each other, and how you relate to this reality.  The longer you listen, the more the puzzle pieces fall into place.

12 May 2012 : to commemorate the 4 year anniversary of when i started the project, i posted here the first month of the story, which covers May 12 – June 11, 2008.  The 12th of each following month will reveal an additional slice of the story.

09-10 June 2012 : An 8 hour excerpt was exhibited at Figment NYC on Governor’s Island (  Listeners were able to draw their reactions to the audio in large sketchbooks.

28-29 July 2012 : A different 8 hour excerpt was exhibited at Figment Boston.

19 September 2012 : An 8 minute sketch was played for Billy Dee Bedlam’s Whoa Weds Variety Show.

03 November 2012 :  A two hour radio edit was broadcast on WGXC 90.7FM – free103point9 radio, as part of the Saturday Night election Special

14 March 2013 : Museum of Art and Design.  For their three part series of panel discussions accompanied by related performances and demonstrations, Supply / Demand, E.S.P. TV collaborates with ((audience)) and Harvestworks Digital Media Lab Center to gather practitioners from art and industry to discussed the metamorphosis of Audio Visual Media in general and the opportunities of on-demand distribution.  “in so many words” was featured as part of the curated listening.  7pm.

I’d still love to run the entire 18 ½ hour program continuously in surround sound.
Please contact me if you would like to help or contribute.

Jason Candler