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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Wind Wand!

Recorded live at home in Manhattan December 3, 2011 Jason Candler – wind wands big thanks to Kenny Wollesen and Sandra Koponen Stereo (Pro Tools) all tracks stereo except track 5 Wind Wand 1 slow Wind Wand 2 slow Wind Wand 2 medium Wind Wand 3 slow

Mighty Alpacas at DMG, vol 2

Recorded live at Downtown Music Gallery in Manhattan November 27, 2011 The Mighty Alpacas: Jesse Dulman – tuba Jason Candler – alto saxophone, electronics Thanks to Bruce and Manny at DMG Stereo (722 / Pro Tools) Dark Fungus Stereo (722 / Pro Tools) Elevator Stereo (722 / Pro Tools) Last Song Stereo (722 / Pro […]