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Monthly Archives: March 2011

New Grand Cru

Recorded live at the Maid’s Room, NYC March 25, 2011 Jason Candler – alto clarinet, fx Ben Holtzman – bass clarinet Doug Principato – guitar Atsushi Tsumura – trumpet Stereo (Pro Tools) No Net Grand Welcome Amara Roasted

Buzz Nut

Recorded live at Dave’s rehearsal spot, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. March 14, 2011 Jason Candler – alto sax, mosquitos Dave Kramer – electric bass, ray gun Simulated Stereo (722 / Pro Tools) Mosquito Mutation Reception Procedure Sound Under

Burke / Candler at Goodbye Blue Monday

Recorded live at Goodbye Blue Monday, Bushwick, Brooklyn. March 10, 2011 in an Iron Falcon Style (where’s Sabir?) Brendan Burke – drums Jason Candler – amped alto saxophone Stereo (722 / Pro Tools) Roach Motel Boot Sci-Fi Panda Migrane D

Sicilian Wine

Recorded live at home in Manhattan. March 5, 2011 Jason Candler – alto clarinet Ben Holtzman – bass clarinet Atsushi Tsumura – trumpet Stereo (Pro Tools) Grateful Sky Lab Door Ajar